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Damangus's Guide in a short web series about an Insane man named Damangus making a guide about how to survive the apocalypse with his Pet Dog Fiill the 5th King of BarkingHam. The Show was created by Emmett Lewis and Caleb Howard. Caleb also stares as the main Character Damangus. The first season has only 5 short episodes.

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Damangus's Guide to Food In this episode Damangus Introduced himself as the last man alive and tells story about how there was a nuclear blast and that is why he's the last man alive. He then explains he's making this video diary for those who come after him. Through the episode he explains how to get food in the apocalypse. Towards the end he enters and abandoned house and finds some perfectly preserved pizza. Before leaving the house he encounters a wild wizard and tries to use his broom to defeat him, but it doesn't work. He then leaves in a panic.

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Damangus's Guide to Hydration This video starts off similar to the last, but now he's teaching us how to stay hydrated in the apocalypse. Damangus explains that all the water is radioactive so he must find a substitute. he's leaves his garage and comes back with a heavy black bag. He empties the bag and reveals his substitute is some kind of girl. He whips out a knife and stabs the girl several times and blood shoots out everywhere. The screen cuts to black and the next scene we see Damangus Drinking a blood drink. Then King Fill throws a log at Damangus and then the episode ends.

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Damangus's Guide to Working out The episode starts with Damangus working out with a dumb bell in a chair. He then tells King Fiill to join him in working out. Damangus Gets frustrated that Fiill refuses to lift the weight just because he doesn't have arms, so he challenges him to working out contest.
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Damangus's Guide to Halloween

Damangus Celebrates Halloween and gets interrupted by a strange force outside his bunker

Damangus's Guide to Christmas Damangus replaces Santa because recently he's been dead. He does normal Santa stuff like checking the naughty and nice list, stopping fiill from eating elves, and deliver presents.

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